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About Us

Adrian Company, based on its technical and commercial knowledge, initially imported and manufactured handling material products for use in the country’s mining industry.
The company now, in addition to providing devices and supplying all spare parts of the respective companies, also produces some products domestically, which in 1993 succeeded in obtaining a license to manufacture Hasler-Group tape weighing systems.
Based on more than 20 years of technical-engineering and commercial experience of its specialists and carrying out various projects in various industries, Adrian Company is ready to provide specialized services as follows:

• Design, construction and modernization of dynamic weighing systems
• Providing technical-engineering and economic advice
• Sales and after-sales service of weighing systems and supply of parts and equipment
• Sales and after-sales service of radiometric instrumentation systems
• Sales and after-sales service of all materials handling materials of mining and non-mining industries
• Providing technical services including service and maintenance, repairs, installation and commissioning (on a case by case basis)
• Holding operator and specialized training courses

The industries and factories that Adrian Group is proud to work with include many cement factories and non-metallic mineral industries, iron and steel, copper and metal mining industries, petrochemicals and chemical fertilizers in our beloved homeland of Iran.
The policy of Adrian Company is always to pay special attention to updating and increasing the technical and commercial capacity in order to produce high quality products as well as appropriate after-sales services in order to fully satisfy customers and brand the machines needed by the country’s industry.